“On behalf of Enbridge, we are pleased to provide a letter of recognition to First Alliance Group of Companies for its participation on the Line 3 Replacement (L3R) Project.

During construction, the First Alliance Group of Companies provided key services across several disciplines which contributed significantly to the success of the L3R project. In addition, through a labor brokering agreement, First Alliance Group of Companies provided over 200 skilled workers for the project that, together with other Indigenous businesses and communities, helped Enbridge achieve a milestone goal for L3R with Indigenous participation of over 20% of the entire workforce that were involved in the project.

Enbridge appreciates First Alliance Group of Companies professional approach to business development and the way First Alliance Group of Companies continues to work with our company. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with First Alliance Group of Companies and Battlefords Agency Tribal Council for engagement in future opportunities as they arise.”

Kim Brenneis Director, Community and Indigenous Engagement Canada Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability


“I am would like to thank the First Alliance Group of Companies for the exemplary service that they provided for Corrpro, on our recently completed project, for the Saskatchewan Power Corp. The contracted services were largely civil in nature, where First Alliance provided labour, equipment and some materials. The activities involved were landscaping, grading, backfill and some soil remediation. The team was reliable, collaborative, capable, diligent and resourceful. There was great communication with our crews and a high level of safety awareness and performance. The leadership was also respectful of landowners, community and the environment (relative to our project requirements). I can definitely say that the First Alliance team was instrumental to the overall success of the project. Corrpro looks forward to working with the First Alliance Group on the next suitable project opportunity.”

Greg Bridgewater P.Eng.

Execution Program Director


“SITE Resource Group has developed a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with First Alliance Energy Services through out Western Canada since early 2014. We are proud to have jointly developed a transparent construction model, which encourages participation, recruitment, employment and capacity building for all Battleford Agency Tribal Chiefs members. First Alliance Energy Services has demonstrated and promoted sustainability through their commitment to investing in training and the employment of numerous Indigenous workers. Their investment in training has prepared Indigenous workers to enter the workforce and ensured that they have the ability to maintain and increase their skills. This ensures successful long term employment in a variety of positions. First Alliance Energy Services has delivered on the opportunity to employ developed, marketable and industry recognized skills in all their employees. They provided as few as one to as many as fifty skilled and qualified workers to participate in our operations on multiple locations at any one time.

First Alliance Energy Services has proven to be a safe, reliable, and qualified source for subcontract labor and equipment. Their commit to the continued maximization of Indigenous subcontractors has led to the increased involvement of Indigenous people throughout our industry. First Alliance Energy Services has a well-defined health and safety program that parallels SITE Resource Groups safety and health program. This ensures the effective integration of workers into our industries safety culture.

SITE Resource Group will continue to strive to build and maintain this meaningful and mutually beneficial partnership on future projects with First Alliance Energy Services as it has benefited communities and industry.”

Chris Martineau


SITE Resource Group


“On behalf of O.J. Pipelines Canada, I would like to extend our thanks for the productive, professional relationship we established during Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement. We believe you are industry leaders in providing skilled labour to the job site in a timely manner. A special thanks for providing the high volume of skilled indigenous workers as direct hires and contractors.

We believe that establishing business relationships like this one are beneficial to the community and entire industry. We look forward to the opportunity of working together again on future projects.”

Michael Hittinger

Office Manager

O.J. Pipelines Canada

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